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Your Garden in May

With the longer days & warmer weather, there is much to do in the garden in May. Focus on tidying Spring plants & planting out flowers and veg for the year.
28th Apr

Your Garden in April

Spring has sprung at last, April is a wonderful time with warmer temperatures and periods of Spring sunshine ( & perhaps the odd shower!). The garden surges into growth and there is much to do to ensure your garden is beautiful and productive in the months ahead so we have put together a handy April blog do get you started!
29th Mar

Your Garden in March

The weather is starting to warm up this March and as we get into early spring, there are lots of jobs to do in your garden. Spring is the start of the gardening season and is the time to get started in your garden and work hard to create a beautiful space in your home this year.
1st Mar

Your Garden in December

It’s finally December and the start of the UK winter season. As well as the important jobs like celebrating the festive season, there are a few jobs and activities to do around the garden this December.
1st Dec

Your Garden in November

This November there is plenty to do in your garden. Much like previous months, November is a great month to plant spring bulbs and prepare your garden and plants for the upcoming spring.
29th Oct

Your Garden in October

This October there is plenty to do in your garden from planting bulbs to raking leaves. Much like the previous month, it’s all about preparing for the upcoming spring and the next harvest. Planning is crucial as what you plant now is how your garden will look next year.
1st Oct

Your Garden in September

This September there is plenty to do in your garden, from garden maintenance to sowing crops and plants for the winter and next spring. Think ahead for 2024 this September.
1st Sep

Your Garden in August

Your Garden in August. You can sit back and enjoy the warmer weather this month, but don't get too comfy - there are jobs to be done!
1st Aug

Your Garden in July

Your Garden this month - July is harvest and maintenance month! Taking care of your garden during the summer heat is essential.
1st Jul

Your Garden in June

There is plenty to do in your garden in June. June is the national month of roses so plant and grow your own roses this summer with British Garden Centres!
1st Jun