Your Garden in June

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Your Garden in June

Summer is coming! With the warm summer days fast approaching, there is plenty to do in your garden!

There is no better time to plant and grow your own roses this summer! The classic British rose is a spectacular addition to any garden or outdoor space. Roses symbolise so much in society but to us they most importantly represent love!

British Roses

Roses are a staple and are a beautiful addition to any garden. There are many varieties of roses, all with different abilities from climbing and rambling roses that scale walls and produce a mass of flowers, perfect to feature in the garden. There is also shrub and hybrid tea roses, which are more classic and blossom generously throughout summer and into autumn. They are perfect to add some colour and beauty to the garden as well as create a wonderful summer aroma.

See our blog on roses to learn more about the varieties and taking care of them.


Grow Your Own- Britain Get Growing

It’s a great month to continue to Grow Your Own plants. This season is the perfect time to sow salad crops, such as lettuce, beetroot, and radishes. There are a wide variety of crops perfect to grow this summer.

Lettuce seeds should be sown thinly in moist soil, roughly 1cm down, keeping rows 30cm (12in) apart to allow for the lettuce heads to sprout. It’s important not to let the soil get too dry, especially during summer when the sun is out all day.

Grow your own

Summer Fruits

June is the perfect time to plant those summer fruits we all love. Berries thrive this time of year, soaking up the sun and growing quickly. You’ll be enjoying your homegrown fruit in no time. Summer plants and crops can be grown in flower beds, raised beds, hanging baskets and pots. They are all great ways to brighten up your garden this summer.

Strawberries are the most popular fruit in Britain during summer and wonderful to grow. The taste of a homegrown strawberry is unbeatable. Watching the plant bloom this summer will be amazing and a great activity for children. They are easy to grow and thrive in hanging baskets in direct sunlight and should be watered regularly.


Lawn Care

Your lawn loves the summer months and grows at a rapid rate. It’s a good time to focus on weeds and maintaining a fresh look. You should now be mowing your lawn weekly depending on growth and when the days start to heat up it can be good to water your lawn every other week to maintain strength, colour, and growth.

Lawn Care

Summer Blooms

There are many different bulbs to plant this month for beautiful summer blooms. Anemone ‘Honorine Jobert’ are a great summer bulb to plant and the strong white colour will add lovely contrast to your garden. Freesias are also a great summer addition to your garden and flower throughout July into late summer adding a sweet scent to your garden.

Summer blooms

Benefit from the rain

This Spring/Summer season has had a rainy start, but it is a perfect time to collect and store rainwater to water your garden this summer. Large rain barrels are the perfect containers to store and hold the water until you need them. This is also a great solution to keeping your garden watered and fresh during summer droughts.

Collecting rain water

Essential kit for June.

Here are a few things we think will help you be productive in the garden this month. All are available on our online store for home delivery.

Miracle Gro Rose & Shrub Feed.

Miracle Grow plant food will assist in growing spectacular roses and shrubs, increasing the bloom and fragrance. The granules will nourish the roses and shrubs for up to six months after one application. Suitable for plants in containers, pots, beds, or borders.

Big Tom Super Tomato Food 1.25L+50%

A concentrated plant food that is enriched with essential nutrients for a tastier and bigger crop of tomatoes. Can also be used to feed other fruit and vegetables.

Strawberry seeds and plants

Strawberries are the most popular fruit in Britain every summer. Grow your own crop and enjoy a fresh tasty homegrown strawberry.

Find a store near you to pick up your plants.

Thanks for reading.

Blog Your garden this month

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