Our guide to the low-maintenance plant stars of your garden

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Our guide to the low-maintenance plant stars of your garden

Adding plants can bring life and vibrancy to your outdoor space. However, choosing the right plants is essential if you want to maintain a minimalistic approach or have a busy lifestyle. British Garden Centres has put together some options for low-maintenance plants that thrive in various conditions and can help you achieve a stunning garden with minimal effort.


Bring beauty and fragrance to your garden with low-maintenance lavender! Lavender is a must-have for any gardener, known for its gorgeous purple blooms and calming scent. This versatile plant thrives in our climate and requires minimal care, making it perfect for busy lifestyles. Whether you plant it in containers or in the ground, lavender adds a touch of elegance and attracts beneficial pollinators to your garden.

Looking for more easy-care options? Here are some other low-maintenance perennials to consider. We recommend sedum, a tough perennial that tolerates a wide range of conditions and brings late-summer blooms that bees love.

Geraniums, with their vibrant colours and long lifespan, are a diverse group of perennials that are sure to add cheer to your garden. Rudbeckia is a summer pleaser and a sun-loving perennial, which thrives in average soil and can even withstand drought conditions.

Lavender Perennials


Succulents are the answer to your low-maintenance, high-impact dreams. These hardy plants come in a stunning array of shapes, sizes, and colours, and can be planted outdoors or even kept inside. Succulents are incredibly drought-tolerant thanks to their water-storing leaves. This makes them perfect for the UK's unpredictable weather and ideal for busy gardeners who don't have time for frequent watering.

From the classic Echeveria to the striking Aloe Vera, succulents add a touch of natural greenery to your garden without being overly busy or demanding attention.

Aloe Vera


For those that want a low maintenance garden or container, alpine plants are a dream come true. These mountain natives are adapted to survive on neglect. Their thick, fleshy leaves store water, so they tolerate dry periods with ease, eliminating the need for frequent watering. Alpine soils are naturally poor in nutrients, so these plants require minimal feeding. Their compact size means little pruning is needed, and with slow and steady growth, alpines won't overwhelm your garden and require less frequent dividing or transplanting, freeing you up to enjoy relaxing and not worrying about your plant babies.


Alpine Pot

Ornamental Grasses:

Ornamental grasses are a fantastic option for low-maintenance gardens. They thrive in a variety of conditions, tolerating a range of soil types and light levels, making them ideal for the temperamental UK climate. This makes them ideal for gardeners who don't have a lot of time to fuss over their garden’s specific needs. Ornamental grasses bring textural interest, sound and movement to your garden. With their wispy foliage like the feathery plumes of Pampas Grass or the compact form of Japanese Forest Grass, they add year-round beauty to your outdoor space.

Feather Grass


Wildflower gardens are a stunning and low-effort way to bring life to your outdoor space. After all, wildflowers have thrived for centuries without human intervention – just look at any meadow or woodland!

Seeds are the easiest way to create your wildflower paradise. Your local British Garden Centres store offers a wide variety of mixes, with options ranging from charming cottage garden mixes to vibrant nectar-rich blends that attract butterflies and bees.

Choose low-maintenance varieties like Ox-eye daisy, corn poppy, cornflower, and corn marigold. Simply scatter the seeds in your desired location and lightly rake them in – that's all it takes!



Spruce up your garden with the low-maintenance magic of shrubs! These versatile plants are the backbone of any landscape, offering year-round beauty without demanding constant attention. Evergreen varieties are a lifesaver for busy gardeners, providing colour and structure throughout the seasons.

For an instant impact with minimal care, we recommend Choisya or Skimmia Japonica. Choisya boasts evergreen foliage topped with starry white blooms in spring, while Skimmia offers rich green, aromatic leaves year-round and throws in fragrant white flowers for a delightful touch.

Euonymus is a compact shrub with deep green leaves that practically takes care of itself, adding a touch of greenery throughout the year. And for an unforgettable fragrance, Daphne can't be beaten. This UK favourite offers beautiful, glossy leaves and fills your garden with a delightful aroma and thrives by itself meaning you can unwind in your garden with no worry.


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