Your Garden in August

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Your Garden in August.

As the summer days and nights get warmer, your garden should be perfect for any activity. Whether you are wanting to BBQ all summer long (in any weather) or lay out in the sun and catch some rays while relaxing, listening to the bird song. You can revamp your garden with British Garden Centres help today. From landscaping to lights, we will help you create your dream garden this year. Download our free ‘garden map’ and bring it into your local centre to show our friendly staff what you have to work with – they will be more than happy to advise on how to develop and improve your outdoor space.

Watering and Irrigation.

Water tanks/water butts are a great solution for watering your garden during the summer, and it is also important to save water and reuse it where possible.

Irrigation is another great way to ensure your garden stays healthy and green all summer. Hozelock has a wide variety of irrigation systems from hose pipes and nozzles to automatic systems, which can be controlled via the cloud. This allows you to water your garden even when you aren’t at home, handy – hey! Take a look at what Hozelock we have on our online store, or pop in your local British Garden Centre for a browse.

Watering and Irrigation

Autumn Planting.

August and September are a great time to start planning and planting what you want to see in your garden next spring. You can start buying bulbs this month and storing them in a cool dry place…this will give you time to plan where you want things to grow next Spring, not to mention help spread out the costs. Simply save them for planting over the next couple of months as advised on the packets.

Daffodils do well when planted in September – November. They need generally need a bit of time in the warmth underground before winter hits for the best chance. Hundreds of varieties of bulbs will be arriving in stock at a British Garden Centre near you this month, so pop in for a look. Remember, always check the packet for planting advice and how to care for them if required over winter.


Solar Lights.

Solar lights are the perfect accessory for your garden. They charge and gain power throughout the day from sunlight, so they don’t need any electrical source and glow all night long, really eco-friendly too!

We have a huge range of solar lights available including border stake lights, which are great way to light up a pathway or drive, string lights to border your garden, motion sensor lights, hanging lights and smart flower lights to blend into your space. We also have security lights available to brighten up dark spaces.

Solar Lights

Garden Design.

Your garden could potentially be the biggest ‘room’ in your home. One of the most exciting parts of your property can be the outdoor space, plus it may be the largest ‘room’ you have. Like any room it will have a number of uses… maybe it’s where you’ll enjoy a morning coffee or evening tipple? It might be the source of fresh food for you and your family or simply a place to sit and read a good book while watching the kids and pets run off some steam. Whatever you need it to be it is worth taking a little time to think about your needs now and in the future while you are re-vamping the area.

Oak Pellets are considered one of the strongest available, they have an intense flavour perfect for beef. Oak is a fantastic all-rounder choice, you can pair this with pork, lamb or game for a smoky finish.


English summers are filled with barbecues, socialising enjoying the summer days and nights. In 2021 over 106 million barbecues were held With the average household having 10 BBQs each summer, it’s a must-have addition to your garden. Enjoy dining in the evening sun or hosting a party with all your friends, make your garden the place to be this summer.

British Garden Centres have everything you need for the best BBQ ever, stocking brands like WeberGrillStream, Outback and Everdure!


Now that all the hard work is done, it’s time to style your garden with some stunning garden furniture. Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour whilst basking in the sun sitting at your dining table or lying on your sunbed.

We have small and large outdoor dining sets available as well as relaxing loungers and sunbeds. We also have a great stock of gazebos, pergolas and parasols. A great extra to add to your outdoor living space is a fire pit or chiminea, a perfect place to roast marshmallows as a family or with friends.

Outdoor Living

Water features are a wonderful addition to any garden, large or small, the sound of a trickling waterfall or fish filled pond is serene.  Most water features run on a continuous pump recycling the water meaning it isn’t wasting water. Wildlife love water in the garden and during the summer they will seek it out and bask in the fresh water.

We have large and small water features available in our centres and both will stand out in any garden. Adding colourful plants and waterproof lights letting the feature glow, will ensure it is the focal point of your garden no matter the size or placement.

Water Features

Landscaping is a great way to create your dream space. Walkways can be created, using ornaments or pot and planters. This will help create a real journey as you weave through the plants and structures you have implemented. Using pots is a handy and less permanent way to plant your garden and enables you to stay flexible with your design.

Landscaping gives you the freedom to re-design your garden easily. Smaller spaces can use textures and levels to add more space and feature more plants. Wood, slabs and various aggregates can be used to create that sleek modern space you’re looking for. Even add in a turfed area to create the perfect garden for football games, family fun and more.



Complete your garden with the finishing touches. Why not add some cushions and soft furnishings? Not to mention tableware! We have many aesthetics touches available some of which include a navy-blue sailing theme and green and yellow, citrus theme. A cosy blanket would be the perfect addition for those late nights under the stars.

Furniture coverings are great to keep your furniture in the best condition throughout the seasons. Protecting your furniture now will help you get the years of use and enjoyment from it that is deserves.


Thanks for reading.

Blog Summer Garden Your garden this month Advice BBQs Monthly Gardening Blogs

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