Your Garden in March

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Your Garden this March

The weather is starting to warm up this March and as we get into early spring, there are lots of jobs to do in your garden. Spring is the start of the gardening season and is the time to get started in your garden and work hard to create a beautiful space in your home this year.

Many plants and crops already planted this year will have started to sprout and bloom, already adding some colour to your garden. Remember to keep watering and maintaining these plants throughout the season.

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Planting this March


Alpine Plants typically grow in alpine environments at high elevations above the tree line. They are strong small plants and can withstand harsh weather. To sow these seeds, mix compost with potting grit and fill seed trays. Once filled, soak the compost to allow it to gain moisture and then sprinkle the alpine seeds into the tray. Try and distribute the seeds evenly.

Hardy Annuals

The best Hardy Annuals to grow in March are Calendula, Cornflower, Eschscholzia (California Poppy), Angelonia, Candytufts, and there are many more. When sowing these plants, make sure to use peat-free multi-purpose compost and sow directly into the soil in pots or planters. Water them well and keep them near to a heat propagator whilst they bloom.

Rose Shrubs

March is a great time to plant bare-root rose shrubs as the ground and weather is starting to warm up. Roses thrive in sun, so plant the shrub in your garden where it will receive the most sunlight during the day. Shrubs are robust plants and fill your garden with a lovely aroma. Water the roses regularly and feed them with Rose Fertiliser to help them grow and bloom in spring and summer.


Strawberries grow exceedingly well in hanging baskets and they also look great in gardens. Fill your hanging basket with soil and plant the small strawberry runner into the soil as deep as the plant’s roots. Water frequently whilst they are establishing to help and encourage growth.

Dwarf French Beans

This crop is a compact habit plant and withstands dry conditions well. French beans prefer to be in light soil and should not be sown into cold or wet soil. Sow the seeds into light warm compost 5cm down and 5cm apart in March. Water them and keep them in a greenhouse to allow them to grow in warm/ dry conditions.

Early Potatoes

Early Potatoes can start to be planted this March. Prepare the soil and remove any weeds and dig 15cm deep trenches, spaced 45cm apart. Make sure you maintain 60cm between rows. When the shoots reach 20cm rake the soil around the base and cover half of the shoots. Remember to water the crops too.

Read our Seed Potato Blog for more information.

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March Top Tip: 

To help young trees, hedges, and shrubs grow, sprinkle general fertiliser over the root area to encourage growth.

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Garden Maintenance this March

Weeds can grow all year round and if you are starting to prepare your garden for spring, start weeding the grass and soil beds now to ensure the ground is healthy for flourishing growth this year.

Bulbs planted this month may benefit from an overhead clear shelter to protect them from intense downpours.

March is the early start to spring, and the weather will start to get warmer, and the ground will become drier. If the ground is dry for consecutive days, it will be safe to mow for the first time this season.

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Why not start to grow your own fruit and vegetables this month? Our latest blog is full of useful advice to help you get started:

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Thanks for reading. Come back next month for more gardening tips!

Blog Grow your own Your garden this month

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