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Your Garden in November.

This November there is plenty to do in your garden. Much like previous months, November is a great month to plant spring bulbs and prepare your garden and plants for the upcoming spring.

It is important to start preparing your garden for the cold winter months. Take care of your existing plants and protect them from the frost and treat any new plants to ensure they survive the winter whilst growing.

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Planting in November.

November is the perfect time to plant Tulips for next spring. Tulips are one of the most popular spring flowers, their vibrant colours, and beautiful structure allow them to stand out in any garden space. They vary in height and love to blossom in full sun.

When planting the bulbs be sure to only use healthy bulbs and plant them at least two widths apart and at the depth of two times the height of the bulb. This can vary depending on bulbs and when planting them.

There are many different bulbs to plant during this season, for more ideas take a look at our October blog.

Late autumn and early winter are great times to plant bare-root roses. The ground is the perfect condition as it's not frozen nor dry. Do not plant a new rose shrub in the same location as a previous one. Apply general fertiliser to the area you are planting in and mix with the soil before planting the rose. This will help the plant thrive and improve future development.

They should be planted deep enough for the roots to grow, approximately 16in (40cm) deep and 16in (40cm) wide. This may vary depending on the plant size.

The perfect time to plant these fruit trees is between November and March. Good soil preparation is vital when planting trees, especially if you want them to last years. The fruit tree should be planted in a location with full sun and plenty of room for the bush to grow and thrive.

Dig a hole approximately 16in by 16in (40cmx40cm) and secure the trunk with a wooden stake and rubber buffers. Make sure to water the tree well and mix compost into the soil to keep it moist.

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There are many great crops to sow this October, ensuring you will have a full harvest in the spring and even this winter.


Garden Maintenance. 

During autumn there are many tasks to undertake in your garden as it goes into hibernation. Recently the leaves will have started to fall, it’s important to rake these from your grass and around your plants as they block sunlight and moisture causing them to die. It is likely too wet to cut your grass now, however, if the temperature is above 5 degrees Celsius and dry it might be necessary to trim the lawn.

If you have a pond, big or small, in your garden you must keep it clean especially during autumn and winter. Without proper care, the pond can become overgrown and unhealthy for any wildlife living within it or using it. Before the upcoming winter, deep clean the pond and change the water to ensure it is clean for wildlife to use throughout the upcoming season.

Fennel Seeds


Autumn is the perfect time to start your own compost. Your compost bin should be positioned in light shade to allow for the perfect conditions to help convert the garden waste into compost. Compost needs to retain heat and compost bins with lids are more effective, however open heaps will eventually create compost.

Garden waste and kitchen waste are great additions to compost, however, during November fallen leaves are a perfect addition. They will slowly break down into compost. Remember to turn your compost, it’s advised to do this once or twice a month depending on your compost size.

Water Butts.

November is often a rainy month in Britain and it’s important to take advantage of the wet weather. Collecting rainwater in water butts is a conscious way to help maintain your garden's health and overall maintenance.

Rainwater is also seen as better for your plants and it often has a lower PH level than water mains, allowing plants to thrive more and benefit from high nutrition within the soil.

Wild Bird Care.

During winter it can be hard for birds to source food and maintain energy. Supporting wildlife over winter not only provides them with a healthy source of food but also encourages them to visit your garden, allowing you to watch them in their natural habitat and environment.

There are many bird feeders and products to use for this, but it can also be a fun family activity to make homemade or shaped bird feeders. See our attached link for a guide on making your own heart-shaped bird feeders. This is a great late-autumn task that everyone will enjoy including the birds.

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A reminder this November is classic bonfire season. It is important to be safe when building bonfires and ensure that no animals are huddled at the base of them. Be sure to check multiple times before lighting it and keep any animals you have away from the bonfire. 

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There are lots to around your garden this October before it goes into hibernation and prepares for the winter.

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Thanks for reading. For more autumn crops and bulbs to plant check out our October Blog.

Come back for next month's gardening tips!

Blog Your garden this month

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