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Welcome nature over winter into your garden

As we approach the winter season and the temperatures decrease, it is important to provide support for the birds and insects that reside in your garden. Autumn and winter can be challenging for outdoor wildlife due to the colder weather, limited food availability, and changes in sheltering habits.
18th Oct

Simple autumn maintenance to get your garden ready for winter

Autumn maintenance in the garden is crucial to prepare your plants for the colder months ahead. By following these essential tasks and tips, you can ensure that your garden remains healthy and vibrant.
12th Oct

Love Your Autumn Garden: Decorate your door this autumn with British Garden Centres

The British Garden Centres team has put together some great ideas for creating the ultimate autumn front door that will be the envy of your neighbours, whilst putting you in with the chance of winning some fantastic prizes.
5th Oct

Britain Get Growing October – Welcoming autumn

With falling leaves and dipping temperatures, it's clear that autumn is fast approaching. However, don't let the darker days discourage you from enjoying your garden this month.
28th Sep

Perfect your autumn lawn with British Garden Centres

As the daylight hours become shorter and the growing season winds down, autumn presents an opportunity to prepare your lawn for the winter months ahead. After withstanding the unpredictable British summer and increased traffic during the holidays, now is the time to provide your lawn with the necessary nutrients and maintenance to ensure it is in optimal condition come springtime.
20th Sep

Britain Get Growing: September sun in the Garden

September is a significant month for gardening and growing your own. As summer ends, it’s time to harvest what you have sown and prepare for autumn and plan for the upcoming year.
12th Sep

Nature’s time to plant – autumn colour for your garden

With the changing of the leaves and the cool breeze in the air, now is the perfect time to revel in the beauty of autumn in your garden. As part of the ‘Love Your Autumn Garden’ campaign, British Garden Centres has everything you need to create a breathtaking and blooming outdoor space with a variety of plants that thrive during the season.
7th Sep

The Best House Plants for UK Weather: Surviving and Thriving Indoors

Indoor plants can transform your living space into an oasis of tranquillity, purify the air, and provide a feeling of connection to nature even in urban settings. But as the weather in the UK can be fickle, it's critical to choose plants that can adapt and thrive indoors.
6th Sep

British Garden Centres’ guide to autumn and winter container plants

Embrace the unique charm of autumn and winter container gardening and create a stunning oasis that'll stay lush all year long.
30th Aug

Our handy guide to spring bulbs you should be planting now

Now is the perfect time to plant spring bulbs for a colourful lift as winter ends. Plant them now while the soil is still moist and warm to give them the best start. Planting bulbs is a great activity for the whole family to enjoy. From daffodils to tulips, snowdrops and crocus, bulbs planted now will create a fantastic display in any border or container. Follow our top tips for a blooming spring!
24th Aug