Perfect your autumn lawn with British Garden Centres

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Perfect your autumn lawn with British Garden Centres

As the daylight hours become shorter and the growing season winds down, autumn presents an opportunity to prepare your lawn for the winter months ahead. After withstanding the unpredictable British summer and increased traffic during the holidays, now is the time to provide your lawn with the necessary nutrients and maintenance to ensure it is in optimal condition come springtime. By carefully following our recommended steps, you can maintain a healthy and visually appealing lawn throughout the colder months.

Maintaining the grass is crucial all year round, including during autumn. With shorter days and cooler weather, the growth of grass slows down, reducing the need for frequent mowing. It's advisable to start increasing the cutting height of your mower to at least 2cm or 1 inch.

Before mowing the lawn, it is recommended to rake it thoroughly to ensure that the grass and clover runners are kept under control. This task is especially important during autumn when leaves start to fall and accumulate on the lawn. By removing the leaves, you not only prevent them from rotting and smothering the grass blades but also prevent the release of pathogens that can cause diseases. Neglecting to rake the lawn before mowing can lead to significant damage to the lawn over the autumn months. Therefore, we highly advise making raking a regular part of your lawn maintenance routine throughout the autumn season.

If you're struggling with moss and weed problems on your lawn, scarification is a simple process that can help. All you need is a rake or scarifying tool to remove moss and thatch by raking the lawn. This will allow your lawn to breathe throughout the autumn and winter seasons.

September is also an ideal time for aeration, which involves using a garden fork to puncture the soil and create small holes in your lawn. This allows your grass roots to access air, water, and essential nutrients more easily, promoting a healthier and more vibrant lawn. By taking these simple steps, you can maintain a lush and beautiful lawn for years to come.

Additionally, this is a great time to rejuvenate your lawn by overseeding patches which will thicken it, stop unattractive weeds from spreading, as well as improve its health in the process. Autumn is the ideal season for lawn restoration work such as levelling bumps and hollows.

 The best time to sow grass seed is in September. Your grass can get off to a good start with the perfect temperature and cooler days. To make a lawn from seed, we recommend that you need to sow 25-30g of grass seed per square metre.  It's also time to feed and weed your lawn if it's looking tired for the coming season.

Your local British Garden Centres store has all you need to give your lawn a boost this autumn.  From seed to turf, edging tools to garden forks for aerating, our knowledgeable team are on hand to help you choose the best grass seed to create or repair your lawn, the best feed to keep it healthy and make sure it is green and well cared for.

Follow these easy steps to ensure your grass is healthy and thriving come next spring with our own brand lawn products, as well as brands such as Johnsons Lawn Seed, Westland, Miracle-Gro and Evergreen.  On each pack, you will find the total area coverable in metres squared, so measure your garden to see how much product you need.

Family Card members can take advantage of an exclusive 20% off selected lawn care products (offer ends 22nd September 2023). Not a member, visit your local store and sign up for a Family Card today and receive exclusive offers, vouchers and invites to exclusive events throughout the year.

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Autumn Blog Advice

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