Love Your Autumn Garden: Decorate your door this autumn with British Garden Centres

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Love Your Autumn Garden:  Decorate your door this autumn with British Garden Centres

Autumn is fast approaching and transforming your garden to its full glory this autumn can be easily done with some simple garden décor.  There are lots of creative and fun ideas to turn your front door and porch into a striking autumn display and we’ve launched a competition to find the best autumn décor in your area!

The British Garden Centres team has put together some great ideas for creating the ultimate autumn front door that will be the envy of your neighbours, whilst putting you in with the chance of winning some fantastic prizes.


Accessorising plant pots and containers is a simple and effective way to style your front door for Autumn.   Your local British Garden Centres store is full to the brim of containers that are perfect autumn plants and create a statement for your front door.  Whether it be contemporary black silhouette planters or traditional terracotta pots, we have a style that will suit all tastes.

To achieve the wow factor in your autumn front door, always adhere to the Thriller, Filler, and Spiller method in your planters. This entails including a “thriller,” which is a tall plant typically with a strong colour and structure, “filler” plants that fill the space and conceal the soil, and “spiller” plants that cascade over the pot’s rim.

For an appealing entrance, garden pots can be arranged to frame the walkway leading to your front door. You can also create a welcoming atmosphere by arranging pots of the same size in a linear pattern on ascending stairs, along a wall, or on a pathway. This will guide the viewer’s gaze to the focal point of your door.


Decorating your door with autumn wreaths is a fantastic way to add a warm and welcoming touch to your home. You can choose from a variety of wreaths, ranging from faux to real ones.

To make your wreath unique, why not gather some items from your garden, such as autumn leaves, berries, or shrub clippings, like ivy, conifer sprays or gaultheria? Another idea is to get creative with your little ones and make your own wreath using materials or items that you can find at your local British Garden Centre. Don’t miss out on our autumn displays in-store – they are brimming with inspiration and ideas!


As the evenings get darker, lighting is an important factor when decorating your autumn door to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Visit your local British Garden Centre stores or shop online to see the range of lanterns that can line your or why not check out our range of  LED lights that can frame your door perfectly?


Decorate your autumn door with a display of seasonal plants that will thrill passers-by.  Why not try:

Bedding plants such as winter flowering pansies, violas and primroses to create a kaleidoscope of colour in the shorter days.  The Christmas Rose, or Hellebore is a popular early bloomer, flowering in winter and early spring.

Sarcococca (Christmas box)  provides an evergreen attraction with its very highly fragrant flowers. Winter heathers are a classic way to add immediate colour, pair with dwarf conifers and cyclamens for a beautiful autumn container.

For lasting autumn displays, containers by your front door can be planted with viburnum, mahonia, skimmia japonica, heucheras and hebe whilst ivy looks equally as good spilling over the rim of winter containers by your door.  You could even add plants with winter berries to provide an eye-catching twist to your door containers.  Plants such as callicarpa, gaultheria procumbens, red-berried holly, pyracantha and Skimmia all produce clusters of shiny, bright fruits in autumn to illuminate your front porch.

Pumpkins are an iconic autumn symbol when they are carved into Jack Lanterns so arrange these by your door for ultimate effect.

How to enter

We can’t wait to see all your decorated doors, don’t forget to enter our competition. All information about our competition can be found on our website and we invite you to upload your photos by October 31st for the chance to win some exciting prizes.  The competition closes at 11:59 pm on October 31st 2023

Visit your local British Garden Centre to see our autumn displays and to get inspiration for your decorated door.

Thank you for reading.

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