Getting the most out of your Weber BBQ – Maximise flavour

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Getting the most out of your Weber BBQ – Maximise flavour

Becoming a grill master cannot be done overnight, it requires experience and knowledge. Get the most out of your Weber BBQ as we explore a few tips and tricks to maximise flavour. We will get you one step closer to mastering the grill!

Tools of the Trade

A professional chef needs a professional toolkit! There are plenty of options depending on what type of Weber BBQ you have. If you’re a charcoal lover, a Rapid Fire Chimney Starter is a must have for quick and easy ignition! Using a clever design, its spiral base maximises airflow for a vigorous boost to ignition.

Now your Weber BBQ is started, it’s time to get the basics mastered! Every level of grill master needs proper tools for the job – and the Precision 3 piece Grill Tool Set is a great starter kit. With the essential tongs and spatula, it also comes with a full-size silicone basting brush to help you maximise flavour. Until you build a natural tell for when foods are done, a simple Instant Read Thermometer can save you from an undercooked disaster!

Your safety is always a number one priority when it comes to BBQs. A great way to protect yourself is with Silicone Grilling Gloves – these can resist temperatures of up to 204° C (400° F). They’re easily washed with some warm soapy water for sanitary reuse!

If you’re worried about bits falling off and sticking to the grill, a Non-stick Spray can quickly and easily prevent this. Simply spray a fine mist onto your grill before starting to protect both your grill and food. Don’t worry about it tainting the flavour of the food, it will protect your grill without harming the flavour of your dinner!

3 Piece tool kit

Mixing up your flavour

A BBQ isn’t just for burgers and hotdogs you know – the grill has limitless potential for any style of food. Weber have Recipes from beef, lamb and poultry to pizza, fish and veggie options too! A Grilling Pizza Stone is a fantastically versatile tool that will fit on most Weber BBQ for a strong and evenly heating pizza base.

Custom kebabs are a great way to personalise your meal, and with some Bamboo Skewers you can grill your favourites in any combination you can imagine! However don’t forget to soak the skewers beforehand, else they will burn onto the grill.

If you have a smoker or a smoker box, flavoured wood chippings are fantastic for maximising flavour. You can find traditional Hickory Wood Chips to specialist Apple, Cherry and Oak. All weber pellets are FSC certified, carbon neutral and 100% natural.

Cherry Pellets offer a medium intensity flavour and are known for tinting meats that mouth-watering red for a fantastic finish. These pair well with chicken, pizza and veg but excels with Pork.

Apple Pellets bring a mild intensity and bring that apple-y flavour to meats. You’ll find they pair best with chicken.

Oak Pellets are considered one of the strongest available, they have an intense flavour perfect for beef. Oak is a fantastic all-rounder choice, you can pair this with pork, lamb or game for a smoky finish.

wood pellets flavour mix

Cleaning up

The aftermath of a large party can be quite a daunting task – especially when your grill has carbonised remains stuck to it! Clean up is made easy with a sturdy 46cm 3 Sided Brush – simply superheat your grill by closing the lid and letting it heat up. Then use its stainless steel bristles to brush away whilst the long handle keeps your hand well away from the searing grate.

A big threat your BBQ will encounter, are birds. Their cute looks can be deceiving and you may find your BBQ with a few mementos left from them. Covers are a strong choice for all-round protection from birds and weather, and you can find a wide array of covers in-store or Online. However if its already to late for a cover, you have some strong cleaning options available too. An Enamel Cleaner and a Microfibre Cloth or sponge combine for an easy spray and wipe cleaning combo!

3 Sided stainless steel brush

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