Our Guide to Water Features – Portable Serenity

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Our Guide to Water Features – Portable Serenity

Water Features are fantastic for bringing charm, character and serenity to any outdoor space. Nothing quite beats the relaxing splash of water in the evening. They come in all shapes, sizes and can feature various animals or characters in their designs. Join us as we explore all the pros and cons of different water features and a quick guide to installing your own!

Key Types of Water Features

Self-Contained – These have a built in reservoir and have everything it needs to maintain itself from the get go. These don’t require any plumbing, just filling up and plugging in. These can be placed almost anywhere as long as you have a long enough mains cable. Smaller self-contained features such as the Hydria All-in-one Rechargeable Water Feature Kit are perfect for indoor displays.

Solar – Typically, most solar water features you find will be self-contained as well. These make for the perfect low maintenance, easy to set up option but can be limited on where they can be placed. Without a mains connection they need to be in sunny traps for consistent displays.

Hose/Reservoir requirement – Traditional water features will need a mains water attachment or a reservoir to work. Reservoir requirements can involve digging up some land and so requires a larger garden to perform best.

Bubbling Water Features – These don’t spray water, instead they produce a constant bubbling effect at their top. These are much better for smaller spaces if you want to avoid being splashed!

Rain Curtain – A clever design to split a garden up into sections and they can be hung up practically anywhere. They work by having water droplets run down small wires to create the illusion of rainfall both visually and audibly.

Curved bubble Water Feature

Beginners guide to installing a water feature

This can vary depending on what water feature you went for – but here we will go through the basics of the most typical features.

For self-contained solar features, it’s as simple as clicking the pieces together, filling it up and letting it roll! Non-solar self-contained features will need a lengthy mains cable. Do not turn on your pump until it is submerged, pumping air can damage it and if left too long will overheat and break. You can test that your pump works before installing by submerging and switching on.

Reservoir features will need a lot of renovating. First find an appropriate spot, preferably a level plot of land with a firm base. Dig out your hole and place your basin inside. For non-airtight basins you should try to keep the lip slightly above ground level to avoid dirty water run-off blocking the pump. Make sure your base is level and fit the pieces together. Fill the reservoir and connect the mains. Cover the ground up with your preferred aggregate and enjoy!

Hydria all in one water feature kit

Maintaining a Water Feature

Installing a water feature is the biggest hurdle, now your past that maintaining it is typically few and far between. You may find limescale buildup if you have “hard” water, which can both damage the visual appeal and the functionality of the pump. It’s recommended to clean the pump at least once a year if this is the case. You can find all-purpose Fountain Grime & Lime Cleaner Sprays online or in your local British Garden Centre.

If your area is prone to harsh frosts, your reservoir may freeze and jam the pump – essentially bricking it. Harsh ice expands, and may shatter your pump if not prepared for. If you can, its highly recommended to bring your water feature indoors or to use a cover. For reservoir features, its best to drain the water entirely to stop any ice buildup and wait for warmer days.

Insects love your water feature as much as you do, and their presence can be rather bothersome. If you keep on top of cleaning you shouldn’t find many, though there are a few safe remedies.

Adding citric acid to your feature can repel insects as well as giving it a refreshing fragrance! Citronella Water Scent cleans surfaces, repels insects and gives that zesty fragrance.

Stagnant water can attract all sorts of issues, so try not to keep your water feature idle for too long. In long inactive periods, its best to drain it rather then let the water sit.

Water feature cleaning kit

Thanks for reading.

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