Furniture and BBQs for smaller spaces – Enhance any area, anytime

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Furniture and BBQs for smaller spaces – Enhance any area, anytime

Furniture and BBQs don’t have to be overpowering behemoths to create your ideal gardens - a more compact and well defined set can be just as effective. So don’t be discouraged if your garden can’t fit a 10 seater or a huge 6 burner BBQ, find all the best sets for smaller spaces in one spot!

What should I be looking out for?

When searching for the ideal sets, it’s important to keep a few things in mind before purchasing.

Down-time – Once the winter months roll around, your BBQ and furniture will see a lot of downtime. Some sets and BBQs will have made-to-fit covers from their suppliers. Although for those that don’t, you can find plenty of generalist covers. You can even repurpose some specially made ones if your confident in the floor space!

Storage – A trusty cover can do the trick just fine, but if your garden will suffer from having a lot of dead space you can try folding sets. Having them folded up and out of the way can make room for more winter activities. Our very own Fern Living has plenty of folding options. From trusty acacia wood with the Dalby range or sturdy aluminium with the Howden or Chorlton range.

For our grill masters out there, there’s even a folding BBQ! Primarily designed for travelling camping trips, the Weber Traveler can be used as a main BBQ if your tight on space. After use, it can be folded back down and easily stored without sacrificing flavour. Check availability at your local British Garden Centre.

Maintenance – You should always consider how much care and attention it will need down the line. All furniture sets and BBQs will need to be cleaned, but some have specific requirements. Wood furniture will need to be treated with teak oil twice a year to prevent weathering. Acacia will naturally fade into a grey colour and begin to split, regular treatment will greatly slow this process down.

Small spaces BBQs covers

Traditional Furniture sets for smaller spaces

Folding furniture is a small gardens dream set. Ranges like the Anada Bistro offer traditional seating and can be folded, tucked up and easily stored for winter. These are perfect for quickly setting up for an event or party then rapidly tidying up.

If folding furniture isn’t for you, there are plenty of compact traditional options available too! The Fern Living Stamford, Buttermere and Stanwick ranges cover all bases of traditional without overwhelming your gardens. You can expect most traditional bistros to need 0.7 x 2m of floorspace. These ranges will need that space, and cannot be stored away as easily as folding sets so be ready to cover them.

For a slightly larger floorspace of approx. 0.8 x 2.5m you can fit a few corner sets too! Corner sets are great at maximising your gardens space. The Sunnii Lifestyle Antigua Low Lounge can neatly tuck away in a corner – offering maximum comfort whilst obstructing minimal floorspace.

Anada Folding Bistro

Classic BBQs for smaller spaces

For those after an authentic grilling experience with a small footprint, there’s more choices than you might expect. From traditional charcoal kettles to portable electric grills, Weber Barbecues come in all shapes and sizes. From the smallest of small, their Smokey Joe range are portable charcoal barbecues designed to be taken anywhere and easily stored away.

For a traditional kettle BBQ, the masters touch range covers a small footprint whilst still providing that authentic charcoal experience. If charcoal isn’t to your tastes, the Lumin is a great electric alternative that needs very little maintenance. Designed with portability and ease of use in mind, the Lumin needs very little space to set up shop!

Gas barbeques typically take up more floor space than others, due to the gas bottle, but there’s still a few compact options. Grillstream have a range of small gas BBQs ranging from 2 burners to 4s. The Grillstream Classic 2 Burner sits at 54cm deep, 117cm across and 115cm tall. You’d be hard pressed to find a gas BBQ any smaller without sacrificing key features.

Both the Grillstream and Weber ranges can be found in your Local British Garden Centre, subject to availability.

Small bbq charcoal kettle

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