Young Gardener’s Activities for October

Young Gardeners

Young Gardener's Activities for October!

This October, why not enjoy some fun autumnal activities. Halloween is on the way this month and there is lots of fun to be had in the autumn. From pumpkin carvings to playing outside in the cold air, there is plenty to do.  

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Pumpkin Carving:

With Halloween approaching, get ready with some fun pumpkin carving. Unleash your inner artist and be as creative as you’d like.

When picking the perfect pumpkin, make sure it is round and big enough for your incredible idea! Always have an adult help you when carrying and carving your pumpkins. Carving a pumpkin is always fun and is very simple, follow the steps to create your own unique pumpkin.

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Step 1:

Pick out your pumpkin.

Step 2:

Once you have picked your pumpkin, use a knife to cut the crown off.

*Parents should always supervise and assist. If your child is under the age of 6, parents should use the knife themselves.

Step 3:

Remove all the contents of the pumpkin using a large spoon. Scoop and pull out all seeds and pumpkin fibres making the inside of the pumpkin silky smooth.

Step 4:

Using a coloured marker pen, draw on your design. Be as creative as you would like. This will help you when you start carving the pumpkin.

Step 5:

Using a sharp knife, start to cut out your design.

*Parents should always supervise and assist. If your child is under the age of 6, parents should use the knife themselves.

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Remember to tag British Garden Centres in any of your social media posts, so we can see your awesome and creative pumpkins.

Don’t let the pumpkin guts go to waste, you can bake incredible tasty treats with it. Click here for a fun Halloween Pumpkin Cake.

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Autumn Leaves

Now that it’s autumn the leaves are starting to turn brown and fall from their branches. There is plenty of fun to have whilst helping clear your garden of fallen leaves.

Create giant leaf piles to jump in, the bigger the better. Keep adding leaves and see how big the pile grows before jumping in.

Collecting leaves for copying is a great way to learn about all the different trees in your garden and neighbourhood. Collect your favourite leaves and wait for them to dry, then use paper and crayons and create spectacular-coloured copies of your favourite leaves.

Strawberry rock


Oak is a tree or shrub in the genus Quercus of the beech family, Fagaceae. They have a lifespan of 1000 years, and during that time they will go through many changes. Every single Oak tree starts as an acorn.

Mixed rock painting

Sycamore Tree

It’s believed that Sycamore trees were introduced in the UK by the Romans, these hardy trees can grow to 35 metres tall and can live for around 400 years. Their leaves have 5 points and a serrated edge, similar to a maple leaf.

Mixed rock painting

Silver Birch trees

Silver Birch trees are a striking medium-sized tree, which can reach 30 metres high. As they grow, they can slightly tilt creating a canopy with their branches and leaves. The leaves on this tree are small and triangular with a toothed edge.

Ash trees

This evergreen tree is one of the larger in the UK and is of the Oleaceae family. They are widespread around the world and quite common. Ash trees have an expected lifespan of 400 years. Ash leaves are a rich green and one of the first to fall in autumn.

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Thanks for reading, young gardeners!

Come back soon for more fun activities to keep busy with.

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Young Gardeners

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