Unlocking houseplant success with British Garden Centres

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Unlocking houseplant success with British Garden Centres

Houseplants are a popular choice for indoor spaces, as they can enhance the aesthetic appearance of any room. Houseplants are trendy again having gained significant momentum from social media, where millions of individuals share their plant collections online. As urbanisation continues to increase, most city dwellers spend an average of 90% of their time indoors, indoor plants adorn every UK home as they bring nature indoors.

In this blog, we will explore the essential factors for achieving houseplant success and maintaining healthy, vibrant greenery in your home, during Houseplant Week (January 8th -14th).

Choosing the right plants

Selecting the right houseplants is crucial for success in your home. Consider factors such as positioning, light levels, humidity, and temperature when purchasing. Popular options for low-light conditions include snake plants and pothos, while succulents and cacti love bright, sunny spaces. Understanding the specific needs of each plant variety will set you on your way to a successful urban jungle.

Providing adequate light and heat

Light is a fundamental requirement for houseplant growth. Different plants have varying light preferences, so it's essential to position them accordingly. Placing light-loving plants near windows and ensuring that low-light varieties receive indirect sunlight will promote healthy growth. Consider the orientation of your windows and adjust plant placement to optimize light exposure. Most houseplants need a temperature of 12-18°C.

Be water wise

Overwatering can be a common pitfall for new gardeners. Understanding the moisture needs of your houseplants and allowing the soil to partially dry out between watering is key to preventing root rot. Factors such as pot size, humidity levels, and seasonal changes can all influence watering frequency, so it is important to monitor your plants and adjust your watering routine as needed. If the top level of the soil is dry, lightly water so your plant can thrive.

Choosing the right container

Selecting suitable containers for your houseplants is more than just an aesthetic choice. Proper drainage is essential for preventing waterlogged soil, so ensure that your pots have drainage holes. Additionally, consider the size of the pot in relation to the plant's root system to provide adequate space for growth. Your store will have a wide array of indoor pots to accommodate any houseplant – ask the team for advice and tips on the best home for your plant.


You can help your houseplants thrive and achieve sustained growth by providing them with quality nutrients with our range of indoor plant food. Remember to research and understand the specific nutritional needs of your beloved houseplants, and our in-store team will be happy to guide you. Look out for plant food containing the three major nutrients – Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium which are essential for healthy, bright green leaves, strong roots, and better blooms.

Look out for pests and diseases

Keep an eye on your houseplants for signs of pests or diseases to prevent infestations and address issues promptly. Common pests such as scale insects, thrips and mealybugs, spider mites and aphids can quickly damage indoor plants, so maintaining vigilance and implementing appropriate pest control measures will contribute to long-term plant health. Make sure you also discard any dead foliage that could drop and cause disease.

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Blog Advice Houseplants

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