Britain Get Growing- Everything you need to make 2024 a successful growing season

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Britain Get Growing- Everything you need to make 2024 a successful growing season

Here at British Garden Centres, we are here to help you have the most successful gardening season in 2023. We are encouraging everyone to have a go at gardening this year with our new campaign ‘Get Britain Growing’. We’ll be sharing our hints and tips throughout the year, for more information please visit our ‘Get Britain Growing’ page on our website.


So, let’s get started with the equipment you might need. Having the right equipment will make gardening easier. For beginners you don’t need loads of gardening equipment, starting with basic equipment such as a hand trowel and fork, spade and shovel will help you perform the simple tasks and then if you wish you can invest in more equipment as your gardening skills become more advance.

Read our guide to Gardening Equipment for loads of tips and advice.

Preparing your growing area

You don’t need an allotment or a garden to try growing your fruit and vegetables.  Using planters or window boxes and troughs is a way of creating an effectivity small growing space.  Read our monthly blogs for advice on gardening jobs for months of the year.

Planning and Documenting

Planning what you would like to grow this year and planting at the correct times will help maximise your chances of a successful growing season. Planning the space, you will use for growing, is there enough sunlight for the plants you want to grow?

It may also be worth keeping a growing diary and documenting when planting and where you planted. You can then refer to this year on year. This will also help with Crop rotation if you are growing fruit and vegetables and find out what works best for you and your garden.

For everything you need to grow your own this year please visit your local British Garden Centre. Not got a local British Garden Centre? You can shop online 24 hours a day on the British Garden Centres website.

Thank you for reading.

Blog Britain Get Growing Britain Get Growing

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