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May 2023 marks a historic moment in British history – King Charles III’s coronation, the first this country has seen since the late Queen’s in June 1953. Family-owned chain, British Garden Centres is encouraging households up and down the country to incorporate the British spirit into their gardens and outdoor space through patriotic planting.

The ceremony is due to take place on May 6th at Westminster Abbey and will formally mark the King’s transition to the role of monarch as well as the Queen Consort crowned. While this may seem a while off, you can start planting in your garden now to turn the country red, white, and blue to celebrate this regal occasion. By following our advice and suggestions, gardeners can be guaranteed a stunning display that will fly the flag for the coronation in beds, borders, and containers.

Spring bulbs can be planted now in autumn, whilst the soil is still moist and warm which will give them the best start. Bulbs are easy to grow and perfect for even the beginner gardener, coming back year after year. Storing their energy over the winter, they will spring into life in time for the coronation weekend.

Spring Bulbs to use

Nothing signals royal celebration more than a collection of tulips standing tall in your garden or patio containers. Representing new beginnings, they come in both red and white for your Union Jack-inspired display. We recommend varieties such as Tulip “Red Impression” which is a ruby red jewel, and Tulip “Red Riding Hood” is a beautiful double-flowered ceremonial red bloom that is so grand, it would look at home inside Windsor Castle.

For the white in our coronation display, we love Tulip “Cheers” with its ivory petals which look so naturally elegant when in bloom. Whether you have a large garden with flower borders or a small patio, the English bluebell will provide a royal splash of colour. Its spires of delicate blue flowers emerge in mid-spring from April to May and are traditional favourites for British spring celebrations. Or why not try violas which can be planted in spring in flower borders or containers which will make your display the pride of Britain?

How to plant

It is recommended that tulips are planted slightly later than in autumn, in October and November before the first hard frost hits. These can be planted in either the ground or into containers, depending on where you want to have your display.


Your tulips will thrive in your patriotic display when planted in well-drained fertile soil in full sun.

  1. Make a hole approximately 10cm deep, with either a hand trowel or a bulb planter and space the tulip bulbs about 15cm apart.
  2. Make sure the bulb tip is pointing upwards and then fill the hole, compacting the soil around the bulb gently.
  3. Water in so the soil is moist.
  4. Place in a sheltered position over autumn and winter if in a container, before moving to a sunny position in April so you can fully enjoy the display come the coronation weekend.


When planting bluebells, they flourish in well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter.

  1. Using a spade, dig in compost, leaf mould or composted bark before you plant your bluebells.
  2. Make a hole that is about 15cm deep with a trowel or bulb planter and place a bulb in each hole, with the pointed end facing upwards.
  3. Water well after planting.
  4. Move to a sheltered position over autumn and winter if in a container, before moving to a sunny position in April.

It doesn’t matter if you have a large garden or just a balcony, you can make your outside space into a real jewel by planting for the King’s coronation next year.

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