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Our Top Ten Houseplants for Christmas

Houseplants make excellent Christmas gifts, bringing a touch of nature and beauty into any home. Whether you're shopping for a friend, family member, or colleague, a houseplant is a thoughtful and sustainable present that can bring joy and a sense of well-being. Research shows that plants improve air quality, removing toxins and other elements found in furnishings, paints, detergents and cosmetics around the home. They also greatly benefit health by reducing blood pressure, aiding breathing problems and mood, increasing attention span and improving productivity.

Here are our top ten houseplants that are perfect for gifting this festive season.

Aloe vera

Do you know that the succulent plant is not only a beautiful gift for the home, but it also plays a vital role in purifying the air we breathe? This amazing plant can eliminate formaldehyde and benzene - two harmful chemicals that are often found in common household cleaning products. Additionally, the gel of this plant is enriched with anti-bacterial properties that can aid in the healing of many ailments.


Transform your home this Christmas with the colourful shapes of a bromeliad. These plants boast a vibrant and eye-catching palette with showy spikes that can instantly uplift your mood. Once they bloom, you can enjoy their beauty with minimal care, requiring only occasional watering.

Christmas Cactus

As the name suggests, the Christmas Cactus is a fitting choice for the festive period. With its vibrant and festive blooms that appear in time for the big day, it adds a pop of colour to any room and thrives in the darker days. This easy-to-care-for plant loves indirect light and requires minimal watering, making it an ideal gift for anyone.


The Dragon Tree, also known as Dracaena marginata, is a popular houseplant that not only adds a touch of natural beauty to indoor spaces but also helps to purify the air by removing harmful pollutants. Its impressive resilience and durability make it an excellent choice to brighten up any dimly lit corner this winter with its attractive variegated leaves. Due to its low-maintenance nature, it is an ideal plant for novice gardeners as it is easy to grow indoors.


Ferns often have unique and attractive foliage, with intricate fronds and are available in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose a type that suits the recipient's home this Christmas.  They are often associated with symbolic meanings, such as sincerity, magic, and fascination, making them an ideal and thoughtful gift for a loved one.


The vibrant colours of kalanchoe flowers can brighten up any room or garden this Christmas. They bring cheerful energy to the space, making them a thoughtful gift and like many indoor plants, kalanchoes contribute to indoor air purification by removing certain pollutants. This makes them not only a colour addition to the home but also beneficial for creating a healthier living environment.


Phalaenopsis orchids are known for their elegant and stunning appearance. Their large, colourful, and uniquely shaped flowers can add a touch of sophistication to any space, making them a luxurious and thoughtful gift.  The stunning blooms often last several weeks or even months which makes them the ideal gift that provides beauty and enjoyment over Christmas and long beyond.

Peace lilies

Peace lilies are not only beautiful gifts to give but also serve as excellent natural air purifiers. With their lush green leaves and elegant white bracts, they add a touch of sophistication to any space. These plants absorb harmful toxins from the air, effectively purifying it, and creating a refreshing and healthy environment to live in. Additionally, the calming qualities of peace lilies make them an ideal choice to reduce stress and promote relaxation.


The Chinese money plant, also known as the pancake plant, is a popular houseplant with unique, paddle-shaped leaves that are rounded in appearance. These leaves have a glossy, green texture and are attached to long, slender stems that can grow up to 30cm in height. The plant is well-suited to dry conditions and can thrive in low-light areas, making it an ideal choice for those who are new to gardening. With its fast-growing nature and low-maintenance requirements, the Chinese money plant will be well received this Christmas.


No Christmas would be complete without the iconic Poinsettia. With its coloured bracts and discreet flowers, this Christmas star instantly brings a festive touch to any home.  In addition to the traditional red, modern cultivars offer a range of colours, including white, pink, and marbled varieties. While often associated with the festive season, Poinsettias can continue to thrive long after Christmas if given proper care, meaning a living gift can be cherished for time to come.

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