Our Guide to Garden Machinery – Finding the right tool for the job

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Our Guide to Garden Machinery – Finding the right tool for the job

An overgrown garden can be a nightmare, a job that requires specialised tools and attention. With so many power tool options, which ones the right choice? Join us as the British Garden Centres team delve deep into finding the right tools for the job!

Things to look out for

Finding the right tool can be difficult, but once you find it they can be with you for years upon years. Before purchasing be sure to keep an eye out for a few key aspects.

Size & Power – Both the size of the task and the tool are a key aspect. Getting a tool too weak will result in a much more tedious process, either with difficulty cutting or having to make multiple charging trips. For smaller gardens with power tools, a 2Ah battery will be your most efficient option, whilst a 4Ah Battery will be perfect for longer sessions.

Storage – Storage space can be a harsh limiting factor for upgrading your toolbox, but there are plenty of mini choices too! The Flymo Turbo Lite Electric Hover Mower finds a nice blend of power, size and storability. Its lightweight design and folding handle allow it to easily hang up inside a shed after use.

Garden Machinery mix

Machinery for Lawns and Borders

We have a wide range of options Online to suit every garden and gardener. From the lightweight to the hefty, there’s always a choice. For heavy duty lawns, the Greenworks 48V Cordless Lawnmower can cover lawns up to 440m² in one charge! You can easily adjust the cutting height with a single lever, and can swap between collection or mulching of grass cuttings.

For slightly smaller spaces, the Flymo EasiGlide Plus 330V Electric Hover Mower has a see-through 20L collection bin to keep a keen eye on when your full. Ideal for small to medium-sized gardens it uses a 1700W motor for ease of use. Afterwards, it stores very well with its handle folded down.

If your gardens borders have plenty of pretty flowers and plants, a mower can be quite risky – you don’t want to cut the wrong plant! This is where Trimmers come into play. They are perfect for those harder spots that the mower just can’t reach. From the Flymo Mini trim 21cm perfect for smaller spaces to the mega, multi-purpose Webb 4-in-1 Two Stroke Petrol Multi Cutter. This clever combination can switch between a pole saw, line trimmer, hedge trimmer and a brush cutter with just one tool! Powered by a 26cc full-crank engine this petrol tool provides immense cutting power. For a one tool does all, this is your best contender.

For a truly unique experience, the Webb Ride-on Lawnmower is suited for the biggest of the big jobs! Powered with an incredible 344cc engine, effortlessly glide around your garden and cut away in comfy style.

Machinery for Lawns and borders

Garden Machinery for Tidying up

Garden clean-up is a nightmare of a task. Working up the courage to finally tackle it head on can be daunting if you don’t have the right toolkit. If your having trouble bringing all your tools around the garden, a trolly is your new best friend. The Handy Garden Trolley can hold an intense 200kg of weight whilst letting you effortlessly guide it along.

You can never go wrong with a garden Blower/Vacuum, but some can be rather heavy and difficult to use. Browse a range of lightweight yet powerful options here and find one best suited to you.

Garden grime is notoriously difficult to clean. Tiles, cars, walls and fences gather dirt like dust on a mantle. With summer upon us, spending time in a clean garden is an exciting thought. A strong Greenworks Pressure Washer can blast dirt off any surface whilst giving it a good shine in the process. With various sizes and strengths available, find pressures from 110 Bar to 135 to make your patios and fences looking brand new!


Machinery for tidying

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