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Young Gardener's in November!

This November there is lots of fun to have in the garden and enjoy being outdoors.

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Leaf fun:

This month the leaves will have started to fall on the ground covering the grass. These leaves must be collected to help keep the grass alive. A great way to help keep the leaves of the grass is by creating a giant leaf pile in your garden to jump in.

To do this, everyone needs to collect up all the leaves from the garden and stack them into a pile, it might make a mess but it’s worth the fun. Dogs also love leaf piles so if you have a dog, let them join in the fun.

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Plant Propagating: 

There is plenty of ways to bring the outside in this late autumn. Propagating plants and growing them inside is a great way to learn about nature and plants as well as the life of a plant.

All you need is:

  • Containers
  • Plants
  • Scissors (For Adults Use ONLY)
  • Water
  • Plant fertiliser

Step 1:

Any plant can be used for this, houseplants can also be grown through propagating. The cuttings need to be at least 6 inches long, with at least one leaf shoot, cut from the stem of the plant.

Step 2:

Place the stem in the water-filled container and make sure any leaves and shoots are above the waterline.

Step 3:

Add a little bit of fertiliser to the water to help the plants grow, And replace the water every 2-3 days and the plant should start to grow within a few days.

Step 4:

Following their growth in the water, you can then plant them in soil, however, you can grow them in water indefinitely.

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Bird Feeders:

As winter is nearing, sourcing food becomes more difficult for birds as the ground freezes over. We have provided a fun activity to create homemade bird feeders for your garden. This will not only provide birds with the nutrients and food they need it will also encourage more to visit your garden.

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Thanks for reading, young gardeners!

Come back soon for more fun activities to keep busy with.

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