How to use containers for planting in space-limited gardens

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How to use containers for planting in space-limited gardens 

Container gardening is becoming more popular these days, especially for those with limited outdoor space. It is a space-saving and flexible solution that can be adapted to fit small urban gardens and balconies. Even the tiniest plot can be transformed into an elegant outdoor sanctuary, providing a peaceful retreat from the stresses of daily life. But how do you create a unique and beautiful display of summer pots that will make the most out of your space-limited garden? The team at British Garden Centres have the tips to make even the smallest space blossom.

How to pick the right container

The first step in creating a beautiful garden in a limited space is selecting the right plants, foliage, and containers to make the most of your small footprint.  When it comes to choosing planters, terracotta is a great option. The higher the firing temperature, the more durable and sturdier your pot will be. Alternatively, low-maintenance materials such as fibreclay are becoming increasingly popular due to their lightweight nature, allowing you to rearrange your planters, take them to a new place and create a dynamic outdoor space. Additionally, wooden, glazed or metal planters can help you switch up the style of your garden, transforming it from a traditional and classic space to a more modern, urban-looking area.

Your local British Garden Centres store has a wide selection of planting containers, ensuring that they have the perfect option for every gardener. With an extensive range of sizes, shapes, and materials, our team can find the ideal container for you.

Arranged Pots

Create texture in your small space

To create an eye-catching and visually appealing display, it's always a good idea to mix up the heights of your containers. Consider using a combination of tall and short planters to create a layered effect that will add depth and interest to your small space.

We recommend creating a container garden by combining a tall and striking "thriller" plant as the centrepiece, cascading "spiller" plants that soften the edges, and compact "filler" plants that add volume and colour. This dynamic combination of plants of different heights and textures will create a visually stunning and vibrant container garden, adding a touch of elegance and movement to any outdoor space.

By combining these different elements, you can create a simple yet sophisticated planting arrangement that will infuse any small space with grace and charm. Whether you're working with a small balcony or an urban backyard, this approach will help you create a cosy and inviting atmosphere that you'll love spending time in.

Potted flower garden

Vertical oasis

City gardens often have limited space, so using containers is a great way to grow plants vertically. When plants are grown on walls and fences, for example, roses, it softens the look and adds colour and interest to a small area. Our modern planters in store are perfect for urban style and can be filled with statement plants such as conifers, bay and cordylines, or a variety of flowers. A container planted with dahlias, hydrangeas, anemones, and asters can brighten up a neglected corner or drab nook in a small yard. Balcony walls can be covered with vertical climbing plants like honeysuckle, clematis, passion flower, and jasmine, trained on wall-mounted trellises to grow upwards when space is limited.

City Planting

Sanctuary for the senses

Spending time in a garden surrounded by beautiful plants can be an incredibly stimulating experience for our senses and can lift our spirits. It evokes feelings of joy, happiness, serenity, and fun, and helps us escape from the stresses of life. A sensory garden can be created in any size plot and is very beneficial for our well-being. It increases sensations and relaxation by connecting us with plants and nature. Plants that can entice our senses include grasses and bamboo stems that make a pleasant sound as the wind passes through, lamb's ear and moss for interesting textures and touch, and honeysuckle, jasmine, or other fragrant flowers for a pleasant smell. Herbs and spices provide breathtaking aromas that will secure their place in our memory banks, whilst incorporating plants with different foliage, stem colours and bright flowers that will provide colourful visual appeal outdoors as well.

Potted Begonias

Kitchen garden

Growing your own herbs and vegetables in a small garden is easy and a rewarding and enjoyable experience. There's nothing quite like the smell of freshly picked herbs or the taste of homegrown vegetables.  To get started, visit your local British Garden Centres store where you will find a wide variety of dwarf and baby vegetable plants and seeds, such as carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and leeks. These plants are specifically designed to thrive in small spaces, making them perfect for city gardens.

Before you start planting, make sure you choose a spot in your garden that gets plenty of sunlight and has well-draining soil. It's also important to water your plants regularly in the containers and keep an eye out for any pests that might try to attack your crops.

Kitchen garden

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