Getting Easter Ready

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Getting your Garden Easter Ready

Get your garden easter ready whether you are gardening or entertaining this month make sure everything is prepped and ready to go.

For many, Easter is a time of celebration, as is the spring season creating new beginnings. We see many flowers start to bloom and, the trees blossom creating a beautiful display of nature.

Give your garden a new 2022 beginning this Easter, here are our 5 top tips to help you get your garden Easter ready.

Cleaning your garden furniture

After months of being stored away, it’s time to bring out the garden furniture. Use a soft brush to remove any cobwebs and leaves on the sets and dust from the table and chairs. Follow with wiping them down with soapy warm water. This will thoroughly clean the furniture without causing any damage and leaving it looking brand new ready for the spring and summer seasons.

Or fancy a new set of garden furniture, we have a wide variety of sets in your local British Garden Centre and online, from stunning 4-seater patio sets to loungers and swings.

Outdoor Furniture with Firepit

Lawn Care

There have been great opportunities this year to cut your lawn and if you haven’t yet wait for a warm day to do so and make sure to set your lawnmower blades too high. April is also a great time to feed and treat your lawn, encourage more growth, and treat any areas growing moss from the winter months.

Lawn Care

Summer Flowering Bulbs

Add some colour to your garden this Easter, as it’s the perfect time to start planting summer flowering bulbs. There are great varieties in-store across the group that will add colour, texture, and height to your garden.

Join our Family Card this week and receive 20% off Azaleas and Rhododendrons. Pick up your card in-store and register online here. You will then receive weekly exclusive offers just for our Family Card members.


Cleaning your Patio

Whether you have wooden decking or tiled paving, now is a great time to clean them and remove any algae and moss that might have grown over winter. This can be done using a pressure washer or with hot soapy water and a hard-bristle brush. Once done your garden will look brand-new.

Cleaning the Patio

Clean your BBQ

BBQ season is starting with the lighter nights and hopefully warmer weather. Now is the perfect time to get prepped. Uncover or get out your BBQ and get to cleaning, use soapy warm water and a soft cloth to wipe the other surfaces to ensure they are left sparkling. To clean the inside of the BBQ, use warm soapy water with vinegar and let the grates sit for 30 minutes then wipe clean with a cloth. Or use a metal or hard bristle scrubber to get rid of any rust or left-over dirt.

Cleaning BBQ

Don’t forget your easter essentials as well, chocolate, snacks, and drinks. Make sure your fridge is full, for the perfect Easter weekend.

Thanks for reading.

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