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Children's Activities this February

It’s February half term and there are lots of fun and creative gardening activities to keep your little ones entertained this week.

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Homemade Nest Boxes

Making your own nest boxes are a great activity for children and, a creative outlet for both children and parents. Nest boxes are small little garden homes for birds and encourage more birds to visit your garden.

Making them at home is easy and enjoyable, visit for a guide to building your own.




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Grow your own Tomatoes

Tomatoes are great vegetables to start growing indoors during February. Tomato seeds are available in garden centres and online to sow this month.

Sow 2-3 seeds in small 3-inch containers over seeds compost and cover them lightly. Keep the compost moist but don’t overwater them. Keep the plants indoors and in daylight to keep them warm and allow them to flourish.

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Bird Feeders and Bird Watching

The Big Garden Bird Watch event with the RSPB was in late January and inviting birds and watching them in your garden is a great activity. Most birds are attracted to food in the garden, and they rely on that during the winter to stay warm

Make homemade bird feeders for your garden, you can make them in any shape and are a perfect way of inviting the birds into your garden. Follow our guide here to make your feeders.

Visit our bird watching blog to see which birds you notice in your garden.

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Nature Sketching

There are many ways to introduce wildlife into your garden, from nest boxes to bird feeders, and wildlife and nature create an amazing backdrop. Take some time and relax, whilst watching the wildlife in your garden and drawing what you can see.

Sketching the natural landscape in your garden is a great creative outlook for children and a way to process their creative energy.

All you need is paper and pencils.

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