Fun Easter garden activities for all the family

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Fun Easter garden activities for all the family

The Easter holidays are a wonderful time to engage in fun and outdoor activities with your family in the garden. From egg hunts to planting flowers, there are endless opportunities to get the children involved and create lasting memories together. In this blog post, we will explore some great Easter garden activities that your family can enjoy over the long weekend.

Egg box planters

Do not let your egg boxes go to waste this Easter as they make great little pots to start seedlings off for the spring. Once you have finished with your eggs, you can recycle the egg box by cutting sections of an egg section and letting your children paint them in bright Easter colours. Once the paint is dry, fill each section with soil and plant seeds or small flowers, place on a sunny windowsill and watch them sprout!

Eggshell planters

Did you know you can plant in eggshells too? Make sure you save your eggshells from your Easter baking and use them as seed planters for your garden. Fill each half with potting soil and plant your herb, vegetable or flower seeds inside. Once the seedlings have sprouted, you can transplant them directly into the garden including the shell.

Paint your own Easter Bunny stones

Unleash our little Picasso and jump into a world of creative fun this Easter by painting your own stones or pebbles with some seasonal themes! Collect some flat and smooth stones from your garden or beach and paint some cute Easter bunnies or some even colourful, decorative eggs. We recommend using acrylic paint to add details like faces, ears, or egg designs. Once dry, place them around the garden for a magical Easter touch.

Make your own Easter wreath

Create a festive Easter wreath using materials such as colourful plastic eggs, faux flowers and foliage, pastel-coloured ribbons, sugared almonds, small felt chicks and a foam or grapevine wreath base. Let your creativity flow as you arrange and glue the decorations onto the wreath base. Or why not make one in the shape of the Easter bunny face using white pompoms on a wire base with cheeky ears? Hang it on your garden gate or front door to welcome friends and family who are visiting over the Easter period to get in the mood.

Bunny and Chick plant pots

Got some old terracotta or plastic pots that need a season facelift? Why not turn them into Easter characters for your plants and seeds and give some colour to the garden? Children will love painting them to look like Easter bunnies or chicks using acrylic paint. Add some googly eyes, felt ears, and pom-pom noses for extra detail. Once dry, fill the pots with soil and plant small flowers or herbs. They will look super cute placed in groups in the garden or on your windowsill for an Easter display and your kids will be pleased with their handiwork!

Easter egg hunt

What is an easter garden without an egg hunt? Your garden should offer plenty of hiding spots for eggs under shrubbery, behind planting containers or nestled in flower borders. Get the children in the mood for the hunt by decorating your garden with colourful bunting, banners, or themed decorations like Easter bunnies or chicks as we explained above.

DIY Easter Fairy garden

Design a magical Easter-themed fairy garden using a shallow container or planter. Arrange miniature figurines of bunnies, chicks, and Easter eggs among small plants, moss, and decorative stones. Add a tiny fairy house and pathway for extra charm and include bright pops of colour by painting and including Easter characters. Display in a central position to be enjoyed by all the family and enter your own enchanting miniature Easter world!

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