Decorating your Tree this Christmas


Decorating your Tree this Christmas

Your Christmas Tree is the main focal point at Christmas, with so much happening in and around it. Therefore, it needs to look the part. We have created a list of the top 5 ways to help decorate your tree this year, making it the best Christmas Tree yet!

Choosing your Lights

Adding lights to your tree is essential and having the correct amount for your size tree is important. A large 6-7ft tree should hold between 1,500 – 2,000 LED lights. Whereas a much smaller tree at 3-4ft would only need around 500 – 1,000 LED lights.

Adding your Lights

To ensure you get the best lighting effect, wrap your lights around each branch of your tree. Threading it through, covering both the internal and external layers of the tree. Whether you have warm white lights, or multi-coloured this will create a beautiful effect.


Layer and cluster your ornaments throughout your tree. Use contrasting sizes to create gorgeous key areas to look at. Faux foliage and an assortment of baubles will create a classic look, whichever colour theme you are working with.


Ribbons and bows are a great way to elevate your Christmas aesthetic on your tree. These are often seen on staircases, wreaths and garlands but they have a great appeal on trees, contrasting the existing textures and styles.

Fluff your branches

Although this is more for artificial trees, it can be useful on real trees too. Fluff the tree branches to ensure there are not flat spots and it looks the best it can. Doing this will allow for the tree to breathe and create more space for decorations.

We would love to see what your Christmas Trees look like, please tag @britishgardencentres on social media and use the hashtags #AllWrappedUp and #OurChristmas to ensure we see them.

Thank you for reading and Merry Christmas.

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