Decorating your stairs this Christmas


How to Decorate your stairs this Christmas

The Christmas season is nearly here, and you will be wanting to decorate your home to celebrate the occasion and impress your guests. Your staircase is not only a functional addition to your house but can also play a key role in your festive aesthetics. If you are not sure how to decorate your stairs, we have got plenty of great ideas for you to choose from.


Using a garland is both a simple and quick way to decorate your staircase. Garlands are available in different lengths and can be hung or weaved around the handrails.

You could also put various things on the garland to decorate it, which can give it quite different looks from baubles and pom poms to more natural elements like pinecones and dried fruit.


Our selection of LED string lights makes a nice decoration for your banisters, and we have an assortment of several types and colours. Why not try different shades to compliment your theme, ones that, look like icicles hanging down, twinkling ones, and many more?

If you are using a garland, a few lights peeking out in between the green foliage looks elegant. For something completely different, fill two hurricane lanterns with a collection of colourful Christmas baubles and place them on each step.

Step decoration

Another fun decoration idea for your staircase is to spell out a Christmas word on each step is a lovely way to add some festivities to your home. LED lettering could be used to brighten up your staircase or even some cut-out letters for friends and family to enjoy over the celebration period.

If you have a couple of old boxes lying around, you could transform them into a jolly feature for your staircase. Wrap the boxes like presents and place them on each step or in a cluster on your landing or in your hall. This idea is so versatile as you can choose wrapping paper each year to match your Christmas colour theme.

Berries and sprays

Instead of running a garland up the stairs, why not try several evergreen sprays tied to the spindles? Think red holly berries, conifer, and eucalyptus tied with ribbon to offer colour and unique and natural decoration.

Ribbons and bows

This is a perfect idea if you do not have much time to decorate your home or have a minimal budget. Lengths of damask ribbon can be used to hang from your handrails and or wound around the spindles. For a traditional look, use red ribbon to keep with the Christmas spirit, and place bows intermittently along the way. For a more natural look, why not try adding wreaths at regular intervals?


Metallic accents are on trend at the moment in interior design, and you can incorporate them into your staircase festive decorations by dressing your bannisters and steps in gold and silver ornaments and baubles. Baubles look best if you vary the lengths of the thread they are on, so they fall at different heights up the stairs.


Hanging stockings on your staircase will add a fun element to your interior Christmas decorations. Our different-sized stockings offer the perfect pop of colour to a pretty Christmas staircase. Simply tie a ribbon through the loop at the top of the stocking to attach the stockings to the handrail.

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