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Britain Get Growing - December Delights in the Garden

As the colder weather unfolds and Christmas draws near, it's easy to assume that the garden is peacefully tucked away for the winter. However, the truth is, that there are still several gardening tasks to be tended to in December. In this quick guide, we'll explore the various activities you can engage in to ensure your garden remains vibrant and well-maintained over the festive break.

In this blog post, the British Garden Centres team will explore the December tasks that not only keep your garden healthy but also contribute to its enchanting beauty during the winter months.

What to plant in December

Winter can be a beautiful season for gardening, despite the colder weather. Winter planting is a joy, and you can still put dormant hedges such as beech, hornbeam, quickthorn, and bare-root roses into the ground.

For a colourful and vibrant display, consider adding winter bedding, evergreen shrubs, conifers, and Cornus stems. These plants will add pops of vibrancy and visual interest, making your garden a beautiful sight to behold, even in the darker evenings.

In addition to these ornamental plants, December is a great time to sow winter vegetables. Broad beans, onions, garlic, and winter greens are all excellent choices for your vegetable garden. Not only will these vegetables provide you with fresh and healthy produce, but they will also add a touch of greenery to your vegetable patch.

Plant care

Revitalise Roses: December is the best month to prune climbing roses, removing any diseased or damaged growth. Guide new shoots for support for a beautiful spring display.

Pruning: Prune dormant shrubs and trees in December to encourage healthy growth. Shape hedges, grape vines, clematis, and fruit trees.

Protect Containers: Safeguard potted plants by moving them to sheltered areas. Use clusters or horticultural fleece for added frost protection.

Soil Preparation: Prepare your garden beds for the new year by cultivating empty borders, removing weeds and stones, and enriching the soil with manure, compost, and bonemeal conditioners.

Garden Maintenance

Leaf-Free Zones: Regularly rake or vacuum fallen leaves to keep garden paths clear and prevent slips.

Tool TLC for Winter: During the winter months, it's important to wash and oil garden tools to prevent rusting. To ensure efficiency for the upcoming gardening season, sharpen secateurs and lawn mower blades.


Feathered Friends: Welcome birds to your garden by setting up bird feeders and leaving berries on plants like holly and pyracantha for a continuous food source for wildlife.

Winter Watering: Freshen up water in bird baths regularly, preventing freezing to provide a vital water source for avian visitors.

December may bring frosty temperatures, but it also unveils a canvas of possibilities in the garden. By embracing these tasks throughout December, you not only nurture your outdoor space but also set the stage for a stunning garden comeback in the spring. Let the magic of December gardening unfold in your backyard!

Our Britain Get Growing page has loads of helpful advice and tips on growing your own or visit your local British Garden Centre and speak to our friendly team.

Thanks for reading.

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