House Plants at British Garden Centres

House plants / indoor plants have increased in popularity over the last few years, and they are incredible additions to any home, with them brightening up the space. Not only do they look great, but they have many added benefits that help improve our mental and physical health.

Many indoor plants are known to have air-purifying abilities, with them removing toxins from the air. This allows you to breathe in clean air more regularly which, increases your overall health. Many scientific studies look at the calming benefits of purified air.

House plants make you feel better
and increase productivity.

House plants and indoor plants can help reduce stress and anxiety. Some are known to have positive effects on blood pressure as well as increased productivity. That is often why house/indoor plants are in many offices.

There have also been cases of houseplants helping reduce fatigue and headaches. PLUS, some houseplants can even help you get a good night’s sleep.

Perfect Pots

So you have found the perfect house plant for your home, all you need now is the perfect pot to plant it in. We have a huge range of pots in all shapes and sizes. From the modern and contemporary to the traditional and the rustic. Choose your perfect pot from the pot shop today.

Join Eve as she talks about
everything houseplants.

She shares her top tips for caring for these trendy plants, including repotting tired-looking indoor plants, how to build your own terrarium, what air plants are and how to look after them, and all the incredible benefits of keeping these glorious plants in your home.